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John F. Davenport


About John F. Davenport

John F. Davenport is a driven and successful financial professional living and working in Norwalk, Connecticut. Davenport founded J. Davenport and Associates in 1997 and still serves as their President. Davenport and Associates focus on wealth management for retirees and pre-retirees. On top of that, Davenport is also a licensed insurance broker and attorney in New York and Connecticut.

With an MBA in Finance, a law degree, and over twenty years of experience in his field, John F. Davenport is the right choice for your financial needs. Davenport and his team at Davenport & Associates guide their clients through retirement and pre-retirement. John takes a different and unique approach to wealth management. Rather than focusing on the rate of return, Davenport puts his focus on maximizing income and tax-free wealth.

Davenport and Associates use a four-pronged approach: maximize income, maximize legacies, minimize taxes,  and direct social capital to a charity or an heir. Davenport and his team believe that interactions between clients and brokers often compare the growth investments a client already has and what the firm can offer them. This leaves out the possibility of discussing strategies that will help the client maximize their income, leaving them completely unaware of their options.

At Davenport & Associates, they will first measure your income potential, then maximize your income-producing assets. Next, John and his team will help maximize the transfer of your wealth. Finally, Davenport & Associates will monitor your wealth and maintain your records.

Prior to his career in financial management, Davenport worked as a corporate officer and an attorney for a sizeable estate planning firm located in New York. John also worked as a Wealth Planner for Merrill Lynch prior to launching his own business in 1997. The skills that John learned while in these roles are skills that he uses to this day! 

On top of his work, John F. Davenport is a New York and Connecticut State Bar Association member and is a Fellow of the Life Office Management Association. In 2006, Davenport was awarded the Small Business Award from Forbes, and in May 2020,  Davenport & Associates were featured in Forbes magazine. Additionally, John Davenport authored “The Wealth Maximization Method,” a widespread wealth planning resource. 

John F. Davenport is committed to helping clients manage their finances, particularly in retirement. His unique approach to wealth management has proven to be successful for many people.

To learn more about John, visit him at his other websites and!